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Classes Now Available for All Ages

Be sure to enroll in classes soon as all classes begin to fill up shortly after the new year.  All classes are limited in space to provide the best coaching/student ratios in the state.  We hope you join us!


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We understand that for high level gymnasts, the goal is to get your college paid for with a gymnastics scholarship.  Our staff knows and understands what this requires and we do our best to put the kids in the best position possible to achieve their goals.

Georgia Elite’s Proudest Moments

Although we are proud of each and every coach and gymnast, we would like to share with you our proudest accomplishments collectively.  The following accomplishments are examples of dedication, commitment and persistence from all parties including gym, coaches, gymnasts and families...

Sami Durante (LSU)

Kasey Nelson (NC State)

Anna McGee (Missouri)

Lily Swope (Air Force)

Madison McPherson (Georgia)

Alexa Phillips (NC State)

Megan Gentry (TWU)


Lindsey Cheek (Georgia)

Morgan Reynolds (Georgia)

Paris Phillips (NC State)

Watkinsville, GA


Madison Zinn (Air Force)

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Savannah Schoenherr (Florida)

Arayah Simons (Illinois)

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GEG Gymnasts Who Have, Are or Will be Competing in College

Our Story


Hwy 441

Madison McMullen (GWU)

Lila Smith (Auburn)

Maylen Pulliam (Alaska)

Kyla Bryant (Stanford)

Rian Thompkins (Bridgeport)

Harmony Webster (Rutgers)

Olivia Kennedy (Utah)

Elena Arenas (LSU)

Sterlyn Austin (Georgia)



Cilla Park (Arkansas)

Bryn Bartman (Auburn)

Delaney Fisher (Clemson)

Brantley Lucas (Boise St)

Leeiah Davis (LIU)

Madelyn Dorbin (Florida)

Mikayla Brown (N. Illinois)

Sienna Zuccaro (UPenn)

Madelynn Grace Crow (Auburn)

Emily McClung (Centenary)